Against All Feasible Restraint I Can
Sinakho (We can)

African Sinakho Arts is a Performing Arts Organisation whose mission is to discover, develop and demonstrate distinctive abilities of artists with disabilities.
Breaking barriers, unearthing unique talent and presenting it centre stage.

About Us

African Sinakho Arts organisation was established on the 23 October 2006 by Ndileka Santi and Bukelwa Cakata with the intention of empowering persons with disabilities to employ theatre as means of rehabilitation, income generation and motivation. Thereby discouraging dependency amongst youth and people with disabilities on social grants and encouraging a more self sustainable approach to life. This vision was motivated by challenges facing persons with disabilities debarring them from leading normal sustainable lifestyles. This project began with a group of 19 artists with different kinds of disabilities whose vision was to showcase that people with disabilities are capable and can employ their talents to earn a living. Members of the organisation join the organisation through a talent search programme that  is conducted annually. Since 2006 the organisation is growing in numbers from a group of 19 disabled artists to more than 300 members who are presently active beneficiaries of our programms. From 2011 African Sinakho Arts expanded its  scope and began to integrate able bodied youth in its membership to emphasise the message of inclusion and integration to the general public. African Sinakho Arts is based in Durban, KZN with the target of making a footprint in all Provinces around South Africa. 

What We Do

  • Disability Theatre
  • Professional Training and Skills Development in Performing Arts
  • Skills Transfer on Disability Theatre
  • Entertainment and Edutainment
  • Work Opportunities Through Stage Performances
  • Rehabilitation Through Disability Theatre
  • Disability Awareness Consultancy
  • Job Placements for People with Disabilities

Contact Us

Ndileka Santi - Managing Director
Cell : 073 426 1049
Tel: 031 201 5595
Fax : 0866794631
E-mail :
Bukelwa Cakata - Artistic Director
Cell : 082 978 3311
Tel: 031 201 5595
Fax : 0866794631
E-mail :

Find Us

Postal Address: : P.O. Box 3295, Durban, 4000
Physical Address: 15 Hurst Grove, Musgrave, Durban

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